• Roatan, Honduras

    CocoView Resort

    From $2,895

    Group Leader:
    Dave Pitalo

    June 11-18, 2016
    6 days of 2 tank boat dives
    Unlimited Shore Diving
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    Cozumel, Mexico

    Sunscape Sabor Cozumel

    From $1,750

    Group Leader:
    Lewis Kennemore

    July 2-6, 2016
    3 days of 2 tank boat dives

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    Little Cayman

    Little Cayman Beach Resort

    From $3,225

    Group Leader:
    Mike Delitta

    July 2-9, 2016
    17 boat dives over 6 days

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    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Tesoro Resort

    From $2,195

    Group Leader:
    Tracy Vercher

    July 23-30, 2016
    6 days of 2 tank boat dives
    Plus 2 extra PM dives
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Diving Texas and the World!

Sea Sports Travel specializes in private and group scuba excursions in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and in other exotic locales around the world. With our headquarters located in Cypress, Texas, you can plan your international underwater adventure from here in the United States, with a group of travel planners, instructors, and guides you can really trust.

The best word to describe the endless reef surrounding the island is “pristine”

“Diana and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Bonaire was a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Buddy Dive Resort offered more than adequate comfortable and convenience. We found a good variety of restaurants and surprisingly the best pizza I have ever tasted. But mostly it had to do with the diving; eat, sleep, dive. ” // Larry & Diana Poulin

We have taken several dive trips with Sea Sports Scuba/Travel and have never been disappointed.

When our booked dive trip was interrupted by work obligations we discovered the only possible replacement trip was on a live-aboard. Not being sea-faring folks we were a bit nervous especially since one of us suffers from motion sickness and vertigo. We were worried that being on a boat for a week would be miserable. How wrong we were! We didn't have a single episode of sea-sickness. The boat was comfortable, plenty roomy, fantastic food and plenty of snacks between dives. If we wanted to socialize we could always find someone in the common areas and if we just wanted to be time alone there was plenty of space for that also. One of the best features of a live-aboard is the convenience. Being able to set up your gear at the beginning of the week and not having to mess with it, carry it about and lug it on and off a boat each day was fantastic. In addition you can dive many times a day at great sites with ease, the dive deck being only feet away. We went into the week nervous and ended it sold on the live-aboard experience. // Ken & Marcelyn Havens

One of the coolest experiences I have ever had

“I went on a trip to Playa del Carmen through Sea Sports Travel. Two days of 2 tank ocean diving, a day of 2 tanks in the cenotes, and a day of snorkeling with the whale sharks. The ocean diving was fun, the cenotes were WOW, and the whale sharks were phenomenal! It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. The resort was beautiful and the trip leader (Tom Hess) was great. He did a great job taking care of 16 people (most of whom had never met) and making sure everyone had an enjoyable experience. I can't wait for the trip party in October to plan my next adventure” // Sean Innes